ANVO Construction specializes in altering buildings and rental spaces with lease agreements. Our engineers, designers, and variety of construction workers have years of experience configuring space according to the various needs of tenants.
Regardless of whether your building belongs to the residential, commercial, corporate, or industrial sector, we can help customize and design it to best suit your requirements. From the flooring and air conditioning to partitions and installing fire protection, the range of our services is vast and will suit your needs as required.

Customizing a Space

Renting a space is easy, customizing and personalizing it to best suit your business or industrial requirements is demanding. Often, the structure of a building, the utilities, the rooms, and partitions are neither aligned with nor conducive to your operations.
Tenant improvements are a cost-effective and fairly efficient channel through which you can transform any space into your own.

What Alterations Can You Make to an Existing Building?

There’s a whole range of things you can do to an existing structure to ensure that it’s better streamlined and structured for your specific needs. From changing the electrical and lighting fixtures to even adding walls or obliterating partitions, you have the option of minor changes as well as of construction remodels.

When you hire us for your tenant improvement, your project is assigned to an experienced designer and a project manager. All angles of your project—from the architectural to the structural and the electrical, as well as its plumbing and utility requirements—are discussed with you and worked out before formal and full-fledged work on your project can begin. Our priority is to save costs and time as much as is possible. To ensure transparency and confidence, we keep our clients involved and updated on the project at all stages.


Got a boring, empty space that could be transformed into a chic, exciting design?
Prior to beginning construction, our designers and engineers devise proper plans to better streamline resources, schedule construction phases,
and work out a time period.